terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #25 - A Look Back

Neste ultimo tema, tivemos a opcao de revisitar qualquer tema anterior deste ano. O unico que eu falhei foi o numero 18-Shiny, Shiny. Assim, aproveitei o facto de ter que decorar um ornamento de papel para onde trabalho, e utilizei cola com particulas brilhantes de varias cores para o colorir. Acho que ficou muito festivo. :)

In this last challenge we could revisit any of the previous ones from this year. The only one I missed was number 18-Shiny, Shiny. And so, since I had to decorate a paper ornament to decorate at work, I used glitter glue to color it. I think it turned out very festive. :)

2 comentários:

  1. I'm surprised you missed any this year. I thought this was another perfect year for you.

  2. So fun to hear about your memories from Skye! I hope you get back one day!!! I hope I get back one day! It was such a magical place!!!!! Magical as in such unspoiled beauty and nature.